The 39th Spain Guitar Music Competition


The 39th Spain Guitar Music Competition

The aim of this competition is to disperse Spanish guitar music in Japan and to discover and promote young talents. Your participation is very much appreciated.


Date: 2021 October 10th (Sun)

Venue: The Millennium Hal l(Taitou-Ku Shougai-Gakushuu Centre 2F)
3-25-16 Nishi-Asakusa, Taitou-Ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Iriya station, 1 exit(8 minutes by walk)
JR Washiya station South Exit (15 minute walk).

Preliminary Round

Recorded Screening – the sound source must be submitted by 2021/05/31 (postmark valid on the day)

To apply, you are required to submit the followings
1. application form
2. the source of recording
3. application fee for the preliminary
round (bank transfer)

1.application form
2. Sound Source can be one of the followings.
Cassette Tape (must be playable on all ordinary music devices. The track must be recorded at the beginning of the side A of the tape)
Audio file
Please post the above items to
Junichi Mori
7-10-10-302 Suzutani, Chuou-ku Saitama-shi
Tel: 070-5602-6486

If you are applying via email, please send the application form together with the audio file attached to the email to

You are recommended to type in the required details directly on the email; however, you can also send the scanned form as PDF

You will be disqualified when
1. the track is unreasonably too quiet
2. the track is distorted
3. the track is unplayable on devices

Mini Discs (MD) are not accepted as a sound source.
The audio file must be playable on Windows and Mac. (Recommended format: mp3, mp4, m4a, wav)

3.Preliminary Round fee: 5000 yen
Please make bank transfer to:
Bank name: Saitama Resona Bank, Ltd
Bank Code: 0017
Branch: Kita-Urawa Nishiguchi Branch
Branch number: 349
Branch Address: 330-0074
4-5-5 Kita-Urawa
Urawa-Ku, Saitama-Shi
Swift code: SAIBJPJT
Account number: 4517943
Account name: Nihon – Spain Guitar Kyoukai

The deadline for 1,2,3 is 2021/05/31.

The result of the preliminary round will be sent to the address on the application form by late June.

Qualified candidates will have to make another payment of 10000 yen to the same bank account by the end of July in order to proceed to the second and the final round.

Application fee: All bank charges including remittance and exchange fee must be paid by the applicants.
The fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
The applicants must pay into the designated bank account.

Second and Final Round:

2021/10/10 Second Round 11:00~
Final Round appx 17:00~
Venue: The Millennium Hall (Taitou-Ku Shougai-Gakushuu Centre 2F)

Set Pieces:

Designated edition: Series of “Coleccion de las obras maestras de La Guitarra Espanola” by Japan-Spain Guitar Music Association. (Gendai Guitar Publication)
Primary Round (recorded screening): Larghetto Op.35-3 (F. Sor) from 3rd Edition No.3
Second: Marieta (F. Tarrega) from 1st Edition No.35
Final Round: Introduction et Variations sure l’air: Marlborough Op.28 (F. Sor) from 2nd edition No.38.
If you require the scores, please email us, so we will send you the PDF versions.

Final Round Free Choice Music:

Solo piece(s) written by Spanish Composers lasting at least 10 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes (including tuning time). If you do not reach 10 minutes or do exceed 15 minutes, you will automatically be at the lowest place.

Members of Juries:

Primary/Secondary Round: Juries consist of the board members of Spain – Japan Guitar Association
Final Round: Jiro Hamada (Spanish music critic), Prof. Yukine Uehara(pianist), Harumi Nakajima (president), Tomomi Kohno, Mitsunobu Shima, Keishi Sumi, Morio Motoki, Noboru Muraji, Kozo Tate, Yoshinobu Iwanaga and other guitarists from the association.

Organized by:

La Sociedad de la Guitarra Espana-japon (Japan-Spain Guitar Music Association) (
Office Address: 338-0013 7-10-10-302 Suzutani, Chuou-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-Ken、(Jun-ichi Mori)
Tel/Fax: 048-781-0020

Supported by:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan/Spanish Embassy Japan/Spanish Tourism Bureau/Institute Servantes Tokyo/Taitou-Ku/Taitou-Ku Board of Education/Japan Junior Guitar Education Association

Specially Sponsored by:  ID Holdings

Sponsored by:

J.G.A./Kohno Guitar/Gendai Guitar Ltd./Kurosawa Music/Lladro Japan/S.I.E./Hakuju Institute for Health Science Co. Ltd./Yamano Music/Fana/Guitarra Ltd./Plaza Guitarra/Roccomann/Savarez France Ltd./Aura//Andante/Media Calm/Sylpheed/Nishimura Manufactory/Arai Trading/Shimamura Music – Marui Kinshi-Chou Classical Branch/Yomiuri Japan TV cultural center/Showa Music University/Tokyo Music University and more,

#Sponsors for this competition may change annually.

39th The Spain Guitar Music Competition

Certificate (diploma):

1st place – 6th place
Presented by Japan- Spain Guitar Association and Spanish Embassy Japan.
Madula/Madulo Prize (chosen from participants over 45 years of age. One male and One female) presented by Japan – Spain Guitar Association.


1st place: Spanish Embassy Cup/Spain National Tourism Association Cup.
2nd place: Toitou District Board of Education Cup
3rd place: Japan Junior Guitar Association Cup

Prize Money

1st place: 300000 yen (Japan – Spain Guitar Association prize 100000 yen/Kohno Guitar prize 70000 yen/Savarez France prize 50000 yen/ J.G.A prize 50000/ Arai Trade Prize 30000
2nd place: 50000 yen (Kohno Guitar prize 20000 yen/Savarez France prize 30000 yen)
3rd place: 20000 yen(Kohno Guitar prize 10000 yen/Savarez France prize 10000 yen)

Special Prize:

1st place: Information Development prize(maximum of 200000 yen to cover the expenses for participating festivals or courses which are held in Spain sponsored by ID Holdings)
(*) Japan/Spain Amity prize (maximum of 200000 yen to cover the expenses for participating festivals or courses which are held in Spain sponsored by ID Holdings
* this prize is given to the winner who is recognized as the most commensurate with the fundamental spirit of our association.

Other prizes:

1st place: Institute Servantes Tokyo Prize(Online Spanish language lessons)/Gendai Guitar Prize (Gendai Guitar publication worth 30000 yen)/Lladro Japan Prize (craft work from Valencia)/Yamano Music Prize (a guitar lift)Savarez France Prize(12 sets of Savarez strings)/Media Calm Prize (participation in a guitar music video and profile photograph)/Andante Prize (concert at Andante – Tokyo)/Aura Prize (guitar gadgets)
2nd place: Kurosawa Music Prize(Juan Hernandez Guitar worth 250000 yen with semi- hard guitar case)/Savrez France Prize(9 sets of Savarez strings)
3rd place: Rokkomann Prize(super light guitar case)/Savarez France Prize (6 sets of Savarez strings)/Aura Prize (guitar gadgets)
4th place: Fana Prize (MAC guitar case)/Aura Prize(guitar gadgets)
5th/6th place: Guitarra Prize (music stand)/Aura Prize (guitar gadgets)
1~6th place: Silpheed Prize(set of scores)/Muraji Noboru Project Prize(set of 5CDs)/Nishimura Manufactory Prize (a set of masking tapes for music scores)/ Entitlement to participate in the coming New Year concert
Madulo/Madula Prize: entitlement to participate in the coming New Year concert/Nishimura Manufactory Prize (a set of masking tapes for music scores)

Participation Award(those participating in the second round of competition):

Savarez France Prize (a set of Savarez Strings)/S.I.E. Prize (a set of Savarez strings)/Arai Trading Prize (a set of Augustine strings)/Jose Ramirez Prize (guitar cloth provided by Arai Trading)/Nishimura Manufactory Prize (a set of masking tapes for music scores)

Other privileges for award winners:

A concert organized by Spanish Embassy(Japan-Spain friendship award) Entitlement to become a member of Japan – Spain Guitar Association/Exemption from admission and annual fee for the first year. You will be asked to be part of the coming New Year concert (1st~6th place, Madulo/Madula)
Recommendation for other concerts (1st place)

#The prizes may change without announcement.
# Madula/Madulo Prizes are for those over 45 years of age and those who do NOT proceed to the final round
If you are over 45 years of age and applying for this competition, please circle the appropriate section.

39th Spain Guitar Music Competition Application Form

I hereby apply for the primary round together with properly recorded music source.
(CD-R/cassette tape/audio file)

Please fill out as clearly as possible. Application date 2021 ___month___day

Family Name Given Name

Please circle all of the followings which apply to you at the time of the competition date (compulsory)

Male Female Primary School Student Secondary School Student University Student Over 45

Address: Please state your full address including the postal code and country or building name if applicable (compulsory)
Telephone number with country code:
Email address:

Free Choice Repertoire (please state title(s), movements, composer)
Once submitted, you cannot change your free choice repertoire.
Please write the tittles and movements of the pieces with the composers’ names as clearly as you can.
Please state the initial letter of the composer’s first name. Eg. F. Sor
If there is an Opus number, please state as well.
The duration of the performance: minutes seconds
The duration must be over 10 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes. If the length of the performance does not fulfill the requirement, you will automatically be at the bottom place.

Your general musical background:

Please tell us how you found out about this competition
1. Our homepage
2. Flyer
3. Facebook or Twitter
4. Your school/tutor
5. Your acquaintance
6. Other ( )